What Is Next For Healthcare Services?

healthcare services

Healthcare services all across the UK have felt the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether public or private, all healthcare services have felt the effects in some capacity. Two areas of healthcare that are seeing fundamental shifts are dentistry and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Both sectors of the healthcare industry are feeling the effects of the strain that […]

How Lockdown Made Us all Think About Health and Wellbeing


The private non-essential healthcare sector, like many other industries, saw an initial decline in demand when national lockdown was imposed in March earlier this year. As the lockdown eased in May and June, health and wellbeing fast became key areas of interest for the investment community with ‘non-essential private healthcare’ experiencing an atypical rise in demand.

Where Should I Invest (and What Data Trends are Showing)

COVID-19 has changed how we live. For months, millions of people around the world were only allowed out of their homes to buy essential items such as food and medicine. The inaccessibility of physical stores led to an unprecedented demand for brands to turn to eCommerce to get their products into people’s homes. The problem […]

Probiotics and Natural Energy Drinks: A Growing Culture

Probiotics and Natural Energy Drinks: A Growing Culture

We found that the demand around probiotic drinks has increased, as the general consumer trend of being health conscious spreads. While the growth of generic searches for probiotic drinks is slowing down, specific products, such as Kombucha, have witnessed a fast rise over the past four years.

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

The healthcare wearables market is expected to grow to $60bn by 2023. With the trend in fitness tracking wristwatches, in particular, continuing in earnest, onefourzero took a look at how the wider healthcare wearables market is performing online.

Why Are Private Equity Investors Turning To Fertility?

Despite perceived rising populations, the number of births is in decline, and we are facing a world in which the volume of elderly persons far surpasses the young. Fertility is not just an emotional issue, it is important in terms of securing the future. Now is the time to sit up and pay attention. This […]

Why FemTech is inspiring women and investors alike?

What is FemTech? FemTech encompasses a range of specifically female-oriented technological solutions. Since the phrase was coined in 2016, with thanks to menstrual cycle tracking apps, momentum for the development of women specific technologies has grown demonstrably. Tech development has now moved into diverse health spaces; businesses focused on period care, fertility management, pregnancy and […]

The power of Beauty Tech


Different from some other consumer sectors, the Beauty industry has been performing persistently well for years. One of the reasons is how it engages with all kinds of customers, from beauty-addicts to newbies, from big brand lovers to young, small business fans. In fact, these new independent brands are responsible for the constant shake-up in […]

The benefits of data for the Life Sciences sector


On the 22nd January, onefourzero attended GK Strategy’s Life Sciences Sector Deal event, which assessed the second Life Sciences Deal published at the end of 2018. For those unfamiliar with the area, Life Sciences sector deals are intended to promote collaboration between pharmaceutical and health tech sectors, charities, government agencies and the NHS. This is […]

Top brands of 2018

top brands 2018

Last week Google published its annual list of the most searched terms and, as usual, we saw an interesting mix of surprising and expected results in each category. But when it comes to investments and the criterion on which we base market trends, which brands won out in 2018? onefourzero used its digital capabilities to […]