Benchmarking and Reports

Interim and dashboard reporting for internal performance management across marketing, operations and customer services.


At onefourzero, we can benchmark your data against specific competitors or the sector in general, helping to illuminate your digital market position and develop effective strategies to improve it. We have developed an user-friendly dashboard tool for clients to access our analysis remotely, with data being uploaded in real-time.

We understand that large amounts of data can be daunting. Therefore, at onefourzero, we produce concise, straightforward reports that we have derived from large volumes of complex data. Our client dashboard makes accessing data simple and efficient, giving us more time to develop the detailed strategies that will give your company the digital edge.

Benchmarking and Reports Services

  • Market Analysis

    Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, digital market penetration and competitor strength.

  • Client Dashboard

    Simple, efficient data uploaded in real time to give you the big picture.

  • Tailored Reports

    We develop tailored reports used by those in marketing, customer services and operations.

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