About onefourzero

We are onefourzero, a digital due diligence firm.


We deliver data-driven reports for investors and brands to help make decisions that affect commercial growth, marketing investment, digital strategy, operations and international expansion. Our services combine our team of analysts with advanced technology, creating a unique combination that brings you commercial intelligence, market research and analysis into the digital age.

Everybody knows that large amounts of data can be daunting – therefore, at onefourzero, we produce concise, straightforward reports that are derived from high volumes of complex data.

We support mid and large cap investments, global corporates and major industry bodies in identifying opportunity and risk. Since launching in 2015, we have worked with and advised on over 70 private equity deals and strategies. Always at the forefront of technology and data, we understand that we need to innovate and educate constantly.

The digital world does not stand still, and nor do we.

Our Values

  • Independent

    We are independent thinkers, able to take a long view on our work and free from the pressures of corporate interests. This approach allows us to put our people & our clients first, to be agile and respond to ever-changing markets, delivering best in class service.

  • Integrity

    We always act with integrity when engaging with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. We communicate with honesty and speak up when a colleague or client is behaving in a way that we believe to be unethical, unprofessional or unwise.

  • Innovative

    We are disruptors, challenging established notions and thinking outside the box for our clients and for the future of the markets we serve. We will continue to push boundaries, explore new ways of delivering for our clients and embrace technology to transform the way we work.

  • Strategic

    We don’t create activity for activities sake, but get to the heart of our clients’ issues and plan evidence-based strategies to address them. Our clients’ worlds are increasingly complex and we methodically help them navigate their markets.

  • Credible

    We are research-led and use hard and soft data to build evidence bases for all of our work. We embrace new methods of research, data collection and analysis to underpin everything we do giving our clients much needed authority in a world of uncertainty.

  • Ambitious

    We are ambitious for our clients, our staff and our own potential. By unlocking the ambition of our people we deliver excellence for our clients, therefore our growth will follow.

About onefourzero

  • We were founded in 2015

    And we’re growing fast, almost doubling in size year on year!

  • We have a sister agency - GK Strategy

    Check them out, they’re great – GK Strategy

  • Our analysis is unique

    We have a team of analysts with different specialties to turn data into meaningful intelligence.

  • We have pride in our culture

    We are a close-knit team proud of our culture – it’s the foundation of the service we provide.

The world of data is growing. Fast.

Did you know that every minute of every day there are:

  • 4m Google searches

    Google it if you don’t believe us.

  • 473k Tweets

    They can’t all be Russian bots, some are just really angry people.

  • 2.46m Facebook posts

    That’s a lot of cat videos.

  • 571 new websites launched

    59% of all websites are built on WordPress.

  • $83k of products sold on Amazon

    No wonder Jeff Bezos has his own private space company.

  • 72hrs of video uploaded to YouTube

    More cat videos.

  • 120 new users on LinkedIn

    119 of them are joining to post about GDPR.

  • 67k new photos uploaded on Instagram

    To filter or not to filter, that is the question.

  • 990k Tinder swipes

    We can’t actually search this, but it’s a lot!