A New Chapter: onefourzero and Palladium Come Together to Create Industry Powerhouse

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We are thrilled to announce that onefourzero has merged with the digital consultancy firm Palladium, bringing together two of the most progressive consulting firms in the industry.

The strategic alliance brings together two highly complementary businesses with a shared vision of delivering innovative, high-quality M&A and growth consulting to businesses across the globe.

The combined Palladium Group will become a leading provider of Commercial, Digital, and Technology Transaction Advisory, providing the market with unrivalled access to data-led diligence, strategy consulting and value creation. The merger combines the best of both worlds: Palladium’s expertise in value creation and go-to-market strategies and onefourzero’s highly reputed global M&A advisory and technology IP. As a result, the combined Palladium Group will offer a broader range of solutions to Private Equity and Invest-backed businesses, paving the way for new growth opportunities. 

Fleur Hicks, CEO of onefourzero, expressed her enthusiasm for the merger: “With onefourzero’s International Commercial Transaction Advisory success and Palladium’s highly regarded Value Creation and Go to Market Expertise, we combine to become the foremost data-led, tech-enabled advisory firm in the market. With offices across the globe and a combined network spanning all investment sizes, we are stronger together and very excited about this next chapter.”

Palladium’s CEO, James Prebble, also shared his excitement: “We are thrilled to welcome Onefourzero to the group. Two leading disruptive, data-led, digital-first advisory firms joining forces will provide our clients with a huge competitive advantage when it comes to the provision of digitally-led commercial insights. From origination to market mapping, commercial due diligence and value creation, our combined strengths will provide our clients with a unique offering across the deal lifecycle.”

Jason McGibbon, Chair of onefourzero, commented on onefourzero and Palladium coming together: “From the outset, it was clear that the combination of our respective specialisms will create an exciting data-led, insight platform with a great opportunity to expand with our clients in three continents. The consistently positive spirit on display as we have shaped and refined the combined business plan has been encouraging, and we enter this new phase with real commercial momentum.”

The merger expands the Palladium Group’s presence in the commercial arena, adding operations units in New York and Boston, complementing its existing footprint in the UAE. Furthermore, the group has ambitious plans for growth in central Europe and Singapore in early 2024. 

By coming together, onefourzero and Palladium are set to become a dominant force in the industry, offering unparalleled insights and strategies to clients across a diverse range of sectors. This exciting chapter promises a bright future for the combined Palladium Group, and we look forward to the innovative solutions and growth opportunities that lie ahead.