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The Rise of Smart Banks: Trust in Digital Banking Thomas Hilbig

The nature of banking is changing, and investment opportunities abound. With the rise of the […]

Pizza Express: discounted to death? Charlotte Morgan

As news circulates about the once much-loved pizza restaurant struggling with debt, how did such […]

How digital diligence went mainstream Fleur Hicks

In depth digital analytics was once the preserve of consumer marketing teams, but increasingly investors […]

The Maturation of the Cryptocurrency Industry: The Role of Venture Capital and Private Equity Thomas Hilbig

Its valuation having inflated to nearly $20k per unit at the end of 2017 and […]

Is Fast Food Becoming a Healthy Sector for Investors? Fleur Hicks

Over the last few years, a swathe of new fast food brands have popped up. […]

AI In The Workplace: At onefourzero and Beyond Fleur Hicks

Startups and companies that produce AI systems are ripe for picking, with plenty more growing to fruition at a rapid pace. This is a golden time for investors that wish to set their sights on the future.

Probiotics and Natural Energy Drinks: A Growing Culture Fleur Hicks

We found that the demand around probiotic drinks has increased, as the general consumer trend of being health conscious spreads. While the growth of generic searches for probiotic drinks is slowing down, specific products, such as Kombucha, have witnessed a fast rise over the past four years.

How The ‘Blue Planet Effect’ Is Driving Demand For Sustainable Packaging Fleur Hicks

It is anticipated that a huge overhaul in the way we package products is close on the horizon, and those of us that lead the way will, as always, be those who see the biggest benefit.

Protein: Making Gains With Private Equity In Sports Nutrition Fleur Hicks

Private equity investors would do well to watch the plant-based protein market, along with alternative sports nutrition products, and keep an eye on innovative new startups in the space. It’s an industry on the rise and, like its consumers, is growing stronger all the time.

Veganism, Pret A Manger, and The Darling of Private Equity Fleur Hicks

When Pret A Manger acquired EAT in May, it caused quite a sensation. This was no ordinary private equity investment. Pret announced that its plan is to convert as many of EAT’s shops as possible into “Veggie Prets”, citing the sharp rise in demand for vegetarian and vegan meal options as its reason.


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