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Digital Due Diligence is the new, er, Due Diligence Fleur Hicks

I have one of those jobs where people ask me what I do, and I […]

Consumer Narcissism and How Brands Can Take Advantage Fleur Hicks

As part of the Digital Due Diligence process we are often asked by strategists and […]

Demystifying the Information Revolution – How can digital data solve today’s key company concerns? Fleur Hicks

The hot topics circulating the business world today are familiar in concept but can be […]

The Art of Owning Your Own Sh** Fleur Hicks

In my 18 months’ worth of sales and management training with the incredible Marcus Cauchi, I […]

If You Aren’t Checking What Your Customers Do/Want/Think, Then Who Is? Fleur Hicks

It’s all very well using digital tools to monitor reception to outbound marketing. It’s also […]


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